Reliable business insurance that partners with you to protect your business as it grows.

Comprehensive business insurance for enterprises of all sizes , is provided through our wide range of products, a flexible comprehensive solution for all your business insurance needs, providing competitive pricing and peace of mind.

Our products are flexible enough to meet your business requirements and provides cover for the following:

Business car insurance

Covers all registered cars, motorcycles, trucks, and any other types of vehicles used to run your business against theft, damage and lost key replacement. Speak to a financial adviser about covering your fleet vehicles.

Buildings combined insurance

Protects your office, outbuildings, fixtures and fittings in the event of damage which may be caused by nature, explosion or malicious damage.

Office contents insurance

Covers your movable property like office furniture inside the building at your business address to ensure business continuity.

Electronic equipment insurance

Cover for your business’ electronics like computers, licensed software and printers.

Business all-risk insurance

Protects your business items that are regularly moved from the insured premises to anywhere in the world.

Commercial fire insurance

Covers your business’ building, permanent fittings and goods, used for your business, against loss or damage caused by power surges and heating system leakage.

Business Contingency Cover

It can be used to protect yourself and your business if you stand surety for loans and debts. It pays out a lump sum to the business if the person who stands surety for business debts becomes disabled or dies, depending on the option you choose.

Buy and Sell Cover

You and the co-owners of your business can take out cover on each other’s lives to protect the business if one of you becomes disabled or dies. The lump sum can be used to buy the disabled or deceased business owner’s share in the business.

Keyperson Cover

Keyperson cover protects your business by helping it to overcome the negative financial impact if a key person in your business dies or becomes disabled and can no longer work. You have the option of buying life cover, disability cover or both.

Overheads Replacer Cover

This cover pays a monthly income if you or a key person in your business is unable to work or do normal day-to-day activities due to an illness or injury. This can be used to cover your business overhead costs.

Agricultural Cover

We understand the challenges involved with protecting agricultural risks and the impact that unforeseen events can have on the long-term sustainability of an agricultural producer’s business. We offer a holistic risk protection solution tailored to individual farmer’s needs.

What’s in it for you

  • You can insure home, buildings, farming machinery, equipment, liability risks and more
  • We will cover your livestock and pedigreed animals
  • We protect your household goods against fire and theft
  • We look after transit risks and irrigation systems on wheels and centre
  • Personal liability, extended personal legal liability and public liability is covered

We protect what’s important to you
Get your agricultural and personal insurance risks, all covered under one product. Take the first step, contact your broker, one of our branches closest to you or submit your details and we’ll call you back.

Marine Insurance

We have a specialised team of experts who will provide your broker with advice and information necessary to allow you to make informed decisions regarding the adequacy and type of cover you require. Our marine insurance experts are also available to assist you with technical as well as risk control matters.

Our range of cover options include:

  • Cargo
  • Marine Advanced Loss of Profit
  • Inland Transit
  • Stock Throughput
  • Containers
  • Hull
  • Pleasure Craft

Offering our services worldwide
To protect your financial interests in your cargo, hull and pleasure craft risks, in the event of a loss occurring outside South Africa. Our world-wide survey partner network will work with us in order to assess your risk and report on claims efficiently.

Key-person Cover

What will you do when your key person can no longer work or do normal day-to-day activities? Don’t wait for your business to be on a standstill. Get business insurance that covers your business if you, your business partner or any key person in your business suffers an illness, becomes disabled or dies.

Who is it for?

  • This cover is ideal for business owners who want insurance for themselves, key people in their business or their business partners.
  • The cover is also suitable for those looking to stay protected during negative financial impact.
  • This can be used to cover your business overhead costs while you are not able to contribute towards the business’s turnover.

What makes us different

We’ve engineered our competitive and comprehensive short-term insurance to protect your business from a wide range of unforeseen events. We understand that your business is unique, that’s why we design your cover based on your business needs.

When it comes to claims, we understand that engaging with you in a quick and efficient manner is important, that’s why our claims experts will handle your claim from the get-go and answer all your questions and concerns to ensure you’re up and running in no time based on the claim’s outcome.

We provide insurance cover for a range of different business needs.

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